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Taylor Jeffery is a Phytotherapist / Clinical Herbalist, which means he works with medicinal plants to re-establish balanced health and over all wellness.

Taylor attended Pacific Rim College in Victoria, British Columbia enrolled in their Diploma of Phytotherapy. This program is currently the most comprehensive Western herbal course offered across North America. Pacific Rim College offers an exceptional education, and does so with a brilliant faculty that have several years of clinical and practical experience to share. This allows Taylor to offer effective plant-based healing.

Since he was young, nature has been an integral part of Taylor's life. The lifestyle of an herbalist and this field of medicine allows various aspects of nature to continue involvement in his life, while also having the ability to greatly benefit the patient and planet.

Taylor's fascination and respect for nature has only grown stronger since learning about the intricacies of herbal medicine. The plant kingdom holds incredible wisdom to share with us; we only have to give nature and ourselves enough time to hear the message. Plants have been around long before humans arrived on the planet and they have the potential to shift our relationship to the natural world in a positive manner. Of course, only as long as we are prepared and willing to take part in that relationship will this be true.

Health, wellness and being in balance continues to be a large part of focus in Taylor's life. This constant effort ensures that not only himself, but that others may also benefit from the desire to achieve and maintain balance. Taylor's approach to health is down to earth, logical and effective. These qualities in conjunction with patient responsibility have the potential to make significant shifts in one's life, truly bringing balance and peace.

Herbalism is about truth. Our current healthcare system is not set up as a "health" care system, but is rather a disease care system. The fact that our medical system is one of the largest polluting industries in our society gives insight into where our collective values lie. Never has the following word seemed so appropriate - herbalism is truly righteous! When we are able to grow our own medicine, with sunshine, soil and water as our laboratory, there arises an inner human truth, knowing this is right, and we hope it does the same for you as well.


Taylor, your herbalist