Hamilton, Ontario

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"For gentle balancing or treating dis-ease, the use of herbs for acute situations has always resonated with me. They work slowly and carefully by safely treating the source.

I initially sought Taylor's counsel when migraines and arthritis rendered me in need of a knowledgeable and well read healer. Taylor's gentle and trusted approach coupled with sage wisdom resolved my arthritic pain very quickly.


In addition, my customized formula eliminated menopausal symptoms, mental cloudiness, fatigue, water retention, and joint inflammation. I felt an overall sense of well being and calmness in mind and body within a few short weeks.


Taylor is a trusted practitioner, wise beyond his years and I'm forever grateful for his guidance."

- Karen S.

"I have found the care and services provided by Taylor Jeffery to be of the highest quality and it was my great good fortune to have him as my Herbalist. Just over a year ago I was struggling with lower GI issues and mainstream medicine was  having a negative effect. Taylor designed a regime of herbal tinctures based on my current situation. They were designed to heal and progressively support my body holistically. The herbs Taylor prescribed were hugely beneficial, resulting in healing my GI when nothing else I had tried had made the slightest difference! I was amazed how gently yet powerfully the herbs worked. Taking them made me feel like I was nourishing my entire body.

I cannot underestimate the gratitude I have for this healing experience with Taylor. He is not only knowledgeable but kind and endowed with a great "bedside" manner.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Taylor as a Herbal Therapist. He is passionate about the healing power of phytomedicine and will do his utmost to help you on your journey back to health."

- Dianne P.G.

“I found Taylor’s business card posted in my local coffee shop and I was elated as I had been looking for an herbalist for some time. 

I am so pleased I was able to connect with Taylor as he is both professional and compassionate in the care of his patients. 

Since starting his regime of teas and tinctures I have noticed a steady improvement in my overall health. 

I will continue to use Taylor’s services! I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

- Nancy C.